mardi 13 septembre 2011

.: Vendredi-Samedi:.



Passez tous une joyeuse journée!
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  1. Hi! You were so lucky to have seen the balloons take off. We were there on Friday; launch was cancelled. Sure had fun eating junk food and riding rides, though.

    I'm finally getting back to you from the comment you left on our blog. We are in a Moncton homeschool group, MASHE, although we haven't done anything with them yet. I just joined a few weeks ago - my children are now only 4 and 1, so haven't done anything formal yet beyond purchasing the preschool curriculum from Oak Meadow (which didn't "do it" for us, so I'm not sure what we'll do for the next age).

    Love seeing the photos of your adventures! - Kristin (theschneldales [at sign] gmail [period] com)

  2. I made it into your blog pictures! (well, my feet anyway :) I like the snail pics.

    The colors of the balloons are so vivid!


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